Negin Salamat Hakim Company

Negin Salamat Hakim is a health tourism platform (medical tourism), a platform for attracting foreign patients and introducing them to quality Iranian doctors and hospitals. Patients who travel to Iran to receive medical, treatment and beauty services. In addition to medical services for patients, Negin Salamat Hakim has also provided accommodation and tourism services by suppliers.

نگین سلامت حکیم
About diagnostic services

We specialize in medical diagnostics

Our specialists in different fields at the highest level of scientific knowledge have been able to treat various diseases in many cases

How to provide services

Our special services for you

How do we provide medical services?

نگین سلامت حکیم
Diagnostic services

Diagnosis of the type of disease and its side effects And perform preliminary tests

health Service

24-hour medical services in the best subspecialty medical centers

Immediate service

Urgent medical services to prevent the disease from getting worse

Special departments

What departments does Negin Salamat Hakim have?

Import of medicine

For the well-being of patients and reducing anxiety, it offers a variety of specialized drugs

medical services

Providing a variety of medical services and beauty restoration services as well as special nursing services

Provide medical equipment

Providing all medical devices and all the necessities of medical centers and doctors

Providing insurance services

Providing insurance services from the time of travel to Iran to the time of return to the country and post-travel support

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Some medical centers

Some medical tourism sub-centers

The best medical centers and beauty centers in the best cities of Iran with highly specialized and specialized doctors with many years of experience

Gandi hospital
Iran mehr hospital
Sasan hospital
Farmaniyeh hospital
Parsian hospital
Special accommodation services

For a stay full of fun and relaxation with special services

Visiting tourist places and traveling to different pristine and beautiful places of Iran with the best travel services

Accommodation in the best hotels in Iran with the best amenities for travelers with the best health conditions for peace of mind and great peace

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