introduction of a company

Negin Salamat Hakim Company started its activities in 2003 with the brand UNITED CANADA TRADING with the aim of importing, distributing and selling pharmaceutical, laboratory and health goods.
In the same year, the company introduced VIVA-branded OTC medicines in partnership with Omid Health , including Omega 3, glucosamine MS, Q10 and Q60, and Vitamin E is indicated.
From 2003 to 2007, this complex was the first and only legal and official company in the field of drug imports.
In 2007, with the NOTROVIT brand in collaboration with Delaram Kish Pharmaceutical Co.,  Gary’s products such as Glucosamine, Shark and Omega 3,6,9, as well as the PVL brand specializing in bodybuilding, in partnership with Green Goods Logistics Company. Diamondzade launched products such as creatine carbon and WHE.


It should be noted that in 2008 Delaram Kish Company transferred its concession to Pyramid Investment Company, with these changes Negin Salamat Hakim started cooperation with Pyramid Trading Company and entered the field of import of raw materials.
In 2007 and 2008, the company participated in International Exhibition in Rasht, Shiraz and Isfahan with PVL brand specialized in bodybuilding sport and introduced and presented its products with 18 representatives nationwide and approved by Ministry of Health.
In 2009, UNITED CANADA TRADING Company, whose official representative in Iran is Negin Salamat Hakim Company, entered the field of supply of cancer and chemotherapy drugs with the authorization to import single and emergency medicines.
The company’s biggest achievement in 2014 is the introduction of the polio vaccine to eradicate the disease as well as medicines for valiant veterans of the Islamic Republic of Iran such as the respiratory spray and HERCEPTIN440.
Since 1396, the company continues to work in the field of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and services in the field of service, support and supply of rare medicines which have been achieved with SOUL exclusive brand in Iran.

Corporate capabilities and resume

Holding Negin Salamat Hakim

Due to the potential of the company in the field of supply, distribution and import of specialized drugs, rare, single prescription, sports and nutritional supplements is ready to provide any services to all units in the collection.

  • Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Mahak service and treatment complex
  • Daru Broadcasting Company
  • Hijr Pharmaceutical Company
  • Razi Pharmaceutical Company
  • Ferdows Pharmaceutical Company
  • Mahia Pharmaceutical Company
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